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People with primary progressive MS need ocrelizumab now

My name is Holly and in March 2018 I was diagnosed with primary progressive MS. Like any other 25-year-old I want to have a career, get married and have children.

Right now there are no treatments for my MS, so I had my hopes pinned on ocrelizumab. But NICE have decided I can’t have it.

Every day I watch my mobility deteriorate. How can I start a family when some days I struggle to look after myself?

Ocrelizumab could help slow down my MS and give me back control of my life and my future.

This decision is simply wrong. People like me don’t have any other treatment options.

We need to tell Roche, NICE and NHS England: give people with primary progressive MS access to ocrelizumab

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Petition to:

  • Steve Brine MP, Public Health and Primary Care Minister
  • Sir Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
  • Richard Erwin, General Manager of Roche
  • Lord O'Shaughnessy, Minister for Health

Ocrelizumab should be available on the NHS for everyone with primary progressive MS who could benefit. We call on NHS England, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Roche to work together to secure a deal to make that happen.

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