Photo shows people with MS at the start line of an outdoor racetrack

Scrap the PIP 20 metre rule

The 20 metre rule is failing people with MS. And it's causing them to lose access to the support they need to live independent lives. 

Enough is enough. PIP needs to change.

Tell the UK Government to scrap the PIP 20 metre rule. Add your voice below and help us reach our target of 30,000!


Dear Esther McVey [Secretary of State for Work and Pensions],

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 20 metre rule is failing people with MS.

Life is more expensive if you have MS and PIP is meant to help. But research shows many people with MS aren’t getting the support they need. And the 20 metre rule is the main reason for this.

The 20 metre rule is having a huge impact on people's lives and our public services: 65% of those who lost support say it's made their MS worse, and 39% are using GP services more.

It’s been 5 years since PIP was introduced. But there’s no evidence that people who can walk 21 metres need less support.

We're calling on you to scrap the 20 metre rule as the measure for the higher rate of mobility support.

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